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The Phantom Menace of a Ransomware Attack: Double Extortion

The Phantom Menace of a Ransomware Attack: Double Extortion

Being hit with a ransomware attack is one of the worst threats IT and Security teams in Higher Education can face. But it often turns out that another threat, the phantom menace, is the possible exfiltration of student data to leak or sell it on the dark web. Cyber criminals know that some institutions may have a chance to recover some of their data from backups, even if it will take a while. So instead of just encrypting the files, or the backups, they will also try to exfiltrate the data first, threaten to publish it, and thus apply more pressure to pay the ransom.

Luckily, there is a new hope in the fight against cyber criminals and phantoms. Rubrik enables customers to mitigate ransomware attacks, so they don’t have to pay the ransom and there is a way to discover what was in the encrypted data. Knowing what data may have been exfiltrated can help you prepare for a potential data breach and guide you in your negotiations with the criminals.

Please join Rubrik & HEITSA on Tuesday the 16th of November from 09:00 – 10:00 where they will discuss the topic in detail.

The session will include:

09h00 – 09h05 Welcome and Introduction – Val Theron – General Manager HEITSA
09h05 – 09h30 Ransomware Remediation, Incident Response and the Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack – Vileen Dhutia – Rubrik EMEA Security Specialist
09h30 – 09h45 Securing Microsoft 365 – Francois Joubert – Rubrik SA Commercial Sales
09h45 – 09h55 Higher Education References, Testimonials and Licensing model – Francois Joubert – Rubrik SA Commercial Sales
09h55 – 10h00 Q&A Val Theron to pose questions raised by the audience to KHIPU


Nov 16 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am


Online Remo Platform
Online Remo Platform


Eldridge vd Westhuizen