The HEITSA Cyber Security framework introduced earlier this year has provided many universities with new services improving their security posture and audit results. The uptake in services has allowed HEITSA and KHIPU Networks to receive additional support from alternative vendors and introduce further services at a sector wide pre-negotiated rate.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Aruba Networks have approved higher education discounts for their wired, wireless and security solutions with additional trade-in rebates.

Universities both locally and globally have experienced students placing high demands on the local area network due to the migration of learning from classrooms to digital platforms, video streaming and additional high bandwidth mediums. The new hybrid approach to learning is not only required for remote learning but for additional network access in common and residential areas within the university.

The additional support provided for higher education through Aruba and KHIPU Networks will allow ease of access to upgrade and expand the below networking technologies:

  • Network Access Control
  • Core, Distribution and Edge Switching
  • Indoor, High Density and Outdoor Access Points
  • User Experience Insight Sensors

In addition to the above equipment the solutions includes KHIPU Automated Remote Monitoring Application (KARMA) a 24/7/365 proactive monitoring NOC service, allowing the university to observes all aspects of their mission critical network environment at all times either on site or remotely.

The service automatically provides immediate identification of problems either before or as they occur, allowing quick action and resolution.  It has been developed to ensure optimal service and systems availability, and can be expanded to the entire network not only the Aruba estate.

For further information on the new offering please contact either HEITSA or KHIPU Networks