Through its partnership with Citrix, Troye helps to build a strategic digital workplace to provide blended learning capabilities. An agile, flexible environment can transform the education experience for students, faculty, and staff so that people don’t have to attend in person or get a seat in a lab.

Students and faculty are now able to access applications, data, and services, regardless of their location, device, or network – whether their need is for standard productivity or complex scientific or technical apps.

Troye CEO Helen Kruger says a continuity strategy will minimise disruption, maintain security and support uninterrupted education.

“Missed class time can have a devastating impact on students. Fortunately with Citrix RemotePC, off-campus students may use their devices to easily connect to learning applications already residing on campus LAB computers.”

“Often the simplest solution to a problem is the best, and Citrix RemotePC is resonating well with several local universities as it addresses many immediate remote learning challenges” she explains.

Kruger says North West University’s recent implementation will provide fast and secure off-campus access to on-campus applications and files. “Citrix RemotePC gives NWU students access to learning applications and resources otherwise unreachable from the safety of their homes”.

Industry-leading Citrix solutions offer many advantages for students, faculty, staff and researchers and enables secure delivery of all Windows, Web, SaaS, and mobile apps as well as data and services from any device, over any network or cloud.

IT can use existing LAB PC’s even implement thin client devices that serve up application and desktop workloads and enable environments to be run from anywhere with a consistent experience that can be identical to what they have on LAB PC’s

She says it is common that there are insufficient PC’s in labs, and many universities are traditionally not able to extend access to users off campus, at any time of the day or night. “Citrix’s digital workspace solutions help protect institutions from consequences such as gaps in students’ education, damaged institutional reputation, and financial implications.”

To address the specific concerns of higher education populations, a comprehensive approach must minimise disruption, maintain security, and support uninterrupted education.

“Flexibility and agility are essential to providing a seamless learning experience enabling students and faculty to complete and catch-up coursework so that the academic year is not lost,” she concludes.

The TEN key benefits of Citrix RemotePC for students and universities are listed below:

10 remote learning challenges easily overcome with Citrix RemotePC.

  1. No need to disrupt the academic year. Citrix RemotePC can be implemented in as little as a week. 
  2. No need for additional server or cloud spending during lockdown as Citrix RemotePC simply connects students to LAB computers which you already own. 
  3. No need to license learning applications for thousands of student laptops, distributed across the country. These applications are already licensed and installed on your LAB computers.
  4. No need to implement costly software deployment infrastructure typically required to install and manage learning apps on thousands of off-campus laptops. 
  5. No need for costly student 3G bills as universities zero rate remote student connections via Citrix RemotePC. 
  6. No need to implement complex ways to control internet site and content access, as your LAB computers are already subject to your IT governance rules, policies and controls. 
  7. No need to purchase expensive high specification laptops for demanding application. Compute resourcing is provided for by the LAB computer, and not the student’s laptop. 
  8. No need to purchase a Citrix license for each student as just one Citrix license for each LAB computer residing within the computing resource pool is all that is required. 
  9. No need for students to wait for a university issued laptop. Any laptop, desktop or tablet can be used to remotely connect from anywhere to your LAB computers. 
  10. No need for students to have a poor experience when working remotely. Watch the below 3 minute video to see actual performance of RemotePC with demanding applications. 


North West University MyApps – Remote Computer LAB Solution Video

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