ProjecTech is a long term student tech hub creation project that seeks to create a relaxed technological environment where students can feel comfortable using, learning and innovating with tech. It seeks to be multipurpose, with an E-Sports platform also being created within this space. We hope to use it in the future for big tournaments like Varsity E-Sports, as the NWU seeks to be the first host of such a tournament. We would also like multiple biotech concepts like augmented, and virtual reality, to be made available to students. Combining this with a comfortable, relaxing environment, and some study areas, this would be the perfect representation of futuristic learning. This project seeks to be the first openly accessible high-tech location for all students, where learning, relaxing and technology, can all come together. This is the future.

This is a long-term project that currently consists of 5 phases of implementation.

We would, therefore, like to propose to you this project, ProjecTech. The future based project that serves multiple purposes with the fundamental goals to:

  1. Create technological capacity by creating a relaxed learning environment with the tools necessary to achieve.
  2. Create technological experiences for underprivileged students whom otherwise would not be able to experience this technology.
  3. Allow students to use the created capacity, and the learned experience, to innovate towards a better, smarter and more educated South Africa.

The Students Council has also used a significant amount of their own money to help bolster ProjecTech, and this project is being driven by both University management and students. We would love to tell you more about this project if you would like to hear of it.


After consultation with numerous stakeholders, the following was realized to be necessary.

  • Lan and WIFI, Network Chassis in the location that can also hold DVR and TGB equipment and which can grant high-speed bandwidth.
  • Power, Trunking and plugs (necessary for the network also)
  • UPS, for the network stack and the core items which must be kept safe, such as VR and the main PC.
  • Lighting
  • Cooling and Ventilation, computers and tech create high temperatures, combined with large amounts of people, this would be important.
  • Flooring
  • Audio and visual equipment for the location, soundproofing and also projectors.
  • Put in tables for computers and learning with power points, network points, also VESA mounted brackets for more than two screens, typically one curved (For E-sports and multitask studying).
  • Tinting of windows to have the correct lighting.
  • Suspended ceiling to ensure the aesthetic look and a relaxed environment, also for hiding network, electric and cooling cables.
  • Distress exits and safety needs like fire extinguishing systems etc.

Total cost:

As you can see, these costs will be too expensive for a single stakeholder to carry, therefore we have split the project into 5 phases and have split some of the funding, with this being the first phase of ProjecTech for which we need funding. We would like R7.65 million to fulfill the 1st phase if such an amount would be possible. If not, we would still create such a hub with what is available. We want to innovate! The first phase would be the basis for the University to continue building on this project and we would love to work towards the future of South Africa!

At the NWU we wish to subscribe towards the future, to develop, to achieve and to do. After all, to dare is to do. We would like to introduce you to ProjecTech, a student and technology-driven project that seeks to create and facilitate the distribution and use of future tech within the university, a project envisioned by the students and management working together.

Fundamentally the urge for ProjecTech comes from the values deeply enshrined in our university, the values of an environment and ethic of care, transformation towards the future, buzzing student life and exceptional academic achievement.

Now we seek to achieve these goals by manner of three principle outcomes, the founding principles of ProjecTech:

  1. Capacity

Capacity is the first step in ProjecTech, and seeks to create a future for all, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds.  Creating capacity will take us beyond and above our greatest dreams into the future, but we need to gain the correct tools.

  1. Experience

How can one go beyond and above one’s greatest dreams? You must broaden the horizons of what you thought possible to dream. We need to broaden the perspectives of the average student, and we have nearly 75 000, so it’s important that we start now!

  1. Innovation

Innovation is simply the coming together of capacity and experience. When one has capacity to create and a symbol to strive towards, the path forward becomes clear. And when one knows the path, it is possible to start the journey, we would love for you to join us in the ProjecTech Journey.

Some of the projects already within the ProjecTech ecosystem include the:

  • Lodging of the Technology innovation competition in 2020.
  • E-Sports Team building (Our first E-Sports Team recently placed 3rd in South Africa)
  • Hosting of a Technology Conference in 2020.
  • Creation of a High-tech Student Hub.
  • Virtual Experience Project.
  • Content and Capacity Project.
  • Our multiple local University E-Sport Leagues.
  • The Student Film Festival, Lumiere.
  • The Virtual Campus tour project.
  • The Virtual Student Experience Project

And many more!


Many of these projects are already functional and have been running for some time, but some of them are currently within the planning phase as we seek partnerships to help us, and that’s where you come in. If you would like to join the ProjecTech revolution as a partner you can do so by emailing us at [email protected] . It does the brand good, it does the people good.


ProjecTech, The future in the hands of the present.